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Why Should the adults have all the fun??

socks Ahhh….the age old question,

“Why should the adults have all the fun?”

The answer is they shouldn’t and that is why we have Junior Roller Derby. Youth can be empowered and fabulous and have all the fun that the adults are having!

If you have been thinking about getting involved in roller derby, think no more because the answer is clear. It is a competitive sport, great exercise and loads of fun!!


Take a look as Haleylujah narrates for our league and tells you all the reasons you should come play with us!


Team Can Try-outs
Black and White Scrimmage Morgan Mayhem (pivot Cover) Rediculous (Jammer) Team Canada try-outs, Edmonton

Dave McQueen was kind enough to send us this sneak peak of yesterdays Team Canada try-outs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I am curious to know if the pictures can begin to tell the amazing stories that unfolded at yesterday’s try-outs…

You can view the rest of the photos HERE

As women we have the difficult task of being responsible for our own empowerment. For centuries we have strived for power in our personal and professional lives and the one thing we have struggled with the most is power over ourselves. So often we allow others to tell us the best way to act, to think, to feel and we unfairly compare ourselves to others instead of embracing our own unique qualities. What I have always loved about Junior Roller Derby is how empowering it is to young women. It allows them to explore sides of themselves that are not often encouraged in other areas of their lives. Instead of being told what is “ladylike” they are able to explore what makes them unique and powerful. They don’t have to be like everyone else, they can just be the best version of themselves. The freedom to explore their own prowess, their mental and physical capabilities as well as their own dynamic skills is in itself a confidence builder. So often in competitive sports elements of our missions become lost in the desire to produce results. Our aims and objectives become blurred. When mentoring talented youth athletes it is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with young ladies that are already facing a great deal of judgments and strife in their adolescent lives and that for most of them sports is an outlet, a place for them to be themselves. Instead of comparing them to their teammates and spotlighting their weaknesses we have a unique opportunity to build them up and encourage all of the things that make them special. I have always been a firm believer that critique works best when spun positively. Realistically, it sounds easier in print then it actually is. As adults we have experienced our own share of life’s hard knocks and putting a positive spin on things doesn’t always come naturally. Yesterday at Edmonton’s Team Canada try-outs a group of teenagers taught me incredible things about the power of positive encouragement. A group of young women competing against each other for a spot representing their country; playing a sport they love, were the number one cheerleaders for the opposition. Their bright lights shone not only on themselves but also on the accomplishments of their fellow skaters. Their joys and their triumphs were shared. I was astounded that a group of young women displayed a level of maturity beyond their years and an energy and character that I am envious of. To feel not only a sense of pride in their own accomplishments but delight in the achievements of their teammates was a very compelling thing to observe. They are the future, and the future of this great sport. I applaud their incredible talent but first and foremost their leadership. These young ladies empower me to be better, more supportive and encouraging to the people in my life. Canada would be lucky to have them as it’s Junior Roller Derby representatives. xo

Lucky #7, we wish you all the best!




Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby association has been blessed to have had the coaching, support and friendship of Leanne Johnson, A.K.A. Cherry-oto-Fire. Cherry has been such an amazing and positive influence on the young skaters that she has mentored, she has tremendous passion for youth and the sport of Roller Derby.

As a league we received the news that Cherry and her family were moving to Indiana with mixed feelings. On the one hand we are supportive and excited to hear about all of her future endeavors but it is impossible not to be a little bit sad that a part of us is leaving. We look forward to keeping up with all of Cherry’s adventures as a new mom and a yankee import. The hole that she leaves in the derby community will be filled with the warm and wonderful memories of the time she has spent with each and every one of us, offering advice, sharing her skill, her knowledge and most of all her kindness.

We invite all of you to come out Saturday night and cheer her on as she plays her last home game with STAHRs Arch Angels in the fantastic company of GEJRDAs Shelly Helly and Jennasaurus Wrex. She will roll out in style.


Wrapping up another season….




Photos courtesy of

Our Level 2 skaters travelled to beautiful Fernie B.C. this past weekend to take on the challenge of playing Avalanche City’s BombsQUAD. Both teams stepped up their game impressively playing a full bout short benched, Fernie beginning with a bench of 8 and GEJRDA beginning with 7 which turned into 6 towards the end of the 2nd half when GEJRDA lost a skater to penalties. A hard fought battle by both teams which resulted in an eventual win for GEJRDA over BombsQUAD with an official score of 230-174. Junior Roller Derby has the best after parties and the small group of fantastic junior skaters had a splashing good time at Fernie’s Stanford Inn taking advantage of their famous Waterslide. A very big thank you to Fernie for hosting us and to Coach Cat who went above and beyond to make sure that this game happened for her young skaters, and of course to the parents who support their children and their passions and make things like this possible.

pool party 1

This Sunday we officially wrap up our spring season (even though spring seems to be lost) with Capital City Carnage. We have a level 1/2 scrimmage followed by a full contact level 3 scrimmage. Prizes, hot dogs and lots of fun. There will be a yummy All Star Bake Sale! We invite you all to come out and watch. Admission is $10! Level 1/2 game begins at 11:30 and level 3 at 1:30 at Edmonton Sportsdome 1104 32 Ave. NW.

Carnage revised

We would also like to send well wishes to Coach Cherry-oto-Fire and her husband Stephen. They are about to embark on an adventure with their wee one Liberty, they are packing up and moving to Indiana. They will be missed but we wish them “all the good things”

Please come out and give Cherry a proper send off as she plays her last home game as an Arch Angel Saturday night in the good company of GEJRDAs Shelly Helly and Jennasaurus Wrex. The Beezlebubs roster will also be topped up by GEJRDA’s Pippy, Punch Buggy, Morgan Mayhem and Lemon Drop.

ROAD TRIP For GEJRDA level two

We have group of excited Juniors that are heading to beautiful Fernie B.C. this weekend to take on Avalanche City’s Bombsquad!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter @gejrda for updates on Saturday June 7 and wish them well.

Roster for GEJRDA

Nuclear Blonde
Beautiful Nightmare
Maritime Murderer
Sunny Syd Up

Play hard and have fun young ladies!

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.”
– Mary Lou Retton

Photo credit to Dave McQueen McQueen Photography
Photo credit to Dave McQueen
McQueen Photography

Opening our hearts to give.

Lotus was Rienna's Derby name and teammate Kitsch designed the logo above to keep her memory alive.
Lotus was Rienna’s Derby name and teammate Kitsch designed the logo above to keep her memory alive.

Rienna Nagel, 36, of Spruce grove, AB lost her life to domestic violence. She leaves behind five children. Rienna was a teammate with our friends at Oil City Derby. As you know Roller Derby is a community that fiercely protects their own and comes together in times of need. If you can help, every little bit counts. It is with heavy hearts that we share our condolences, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this time of unimaginable grief and loss. Please follow the link below to donate.

“If we could reach out, and say to the world, ‘come be the village to help raise these kids. That’ll be her legacy’” their grandmother said, “That’s what we’d like to see.”

(Riennas Mother, Sheree Zielke.) See more of the story here

Domestic abuse is often a gradual process, with the frequency of assaults and seriousness of the violence slowly escalating over time. Abusers often express deep and convincing remorse with promises to change, it can take years for women to admit to themselves that the violence is not going to stop and the relationship they are in is unhealthy and cannot be saved.

In the meantime, the long-term effects of being abused can do little to convince women they are worthy of better so that they can find the courage to leave, or can manage on their own.

Violence against women happens in all cultures and religions, in all ethnic and racial communities, at every age, and in every income group.

What should you do if you think someone is being abused?

  • If someone is in immediate danger, call 911 or the emergency number in your community.
  • Put her safety first. Never talk to anyone about abuse in front of their suspected abuser. Unless she specifically asks for it, never give her materials about domestic abuse or leave information through voice messages or emails that might be discovered by her abuser. However, abuse thrives in secrecy, so speak up if you can do so safely.
  • If she wants to talk, listen. If she doesn’t, simply tell her she does not deserve to be harmed and that you are concerned for her safety. Ask her if there is anything you can do to help, but don’t offer to do anything that makes you uncomfortable or feels unsafe.
  • If she decides to stay in the relationship, try not to judge her. Remember, leaving an abuser can be extremely dangerous. Sometimes, the most valuable thing you can offer a woman who is being abused is your respect.
  • Learn about emergency services in your community, such as your local women’s shelter or sexual assault centre. Search on-line, or consult the front pages of your telephone directory.


Please help end violence against women!



HEAT PRESSING AT E-Ville Roller Derby Game Saturday- Support the GEJRDA ALL STARS

Some of our GEJRDA All Stars will be Heat Pressing names and numbers for $15 at the E-Ville Game @ Kingsway Hangar Saturday night to raise money for their trip to Wild West Showdown 2014. Heat press and supplies generously donated by Bad Girlfriend Skates. This is a great opportunity to catch some great local Roller Derby and support a great cause.

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