Registration for the 2016 Fall Season is now open. September 13 – December 13


Click on the following link to Register:

Remember that there is no contact for beginners and it is not necessary to know how to skate, all basic skills will be taught!

Practices are at the Sportsdome on Sundays 11-1 (new skaters are expected to stay from 11-noon but may wish to stay for the entire practice even if they just choose to watch. We also practice 6:30-7:30 on Tuesday evenings.

New Skaters $150 + $30 (CRDi Insurance) = $180,    Levels 1/2/3 = $165, Wild Rose All Stars = $180

All of our registration is done online. Once you register online and set up a Team Snap account that will be the main source of league communications as well.

Gear required for junior roller derby is a mouth guard, CSA approved helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards and of course quad roller skates. You can purchase all of your roller derby needs from Bad Girlfriend skates. They offer affordable full skater packages as well.

We are excited to have you COME ROLL WITH US and want your experience to be a good one. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Payments can be made online via PayPal (preferred method – or in person with check or cash.


Guest blogger Jawbreaker: “I can’t contain my pride to finally be apart of this sport and this community.”

3 years ago, Pippy invited me to my first roller Derby game. I was 13 and I had severe social anxiety, depression among other issues. I was fascinated by everything to do with the sport, I wanted to be apart of the community so badly but I was so self conscious, I never even considered joining the league. When Pippy told me I should register in the fall, I remember I literally laughed at the idea. There was no possible way I could be that confident. Regardless of my apprehension, I made many friends at that game that I still know today. They helped me learn about how inclusive the community is and as a closeted bisexual kid, that was a dream come true. 

3 years later, my depression has disappeared, my anxiety has all but vanished and I am finally who I wanted to be and doing the things I want to do. In the late spring of 2015, I remembered my dream to join roller derby and realized that I was finally ready. I texted Pippy, Voodoo Doll and Morgan Mayhem that day with the news; I was going to start roller derby! Everybody was so excited for me and gave me as much advice, cheers and encouragement that I could handle. Pippy immediately offered to lend me her outdoor skates and sent me links to the GEJRDA website so I could know what I was getting into. From there on is a blur. I watched roller derby games on YouTube, watched tutorials, studied the rules, looked at gear, practiced relentlessly, and bored everybody that knew me with constant derby blabbing. Pippy went with me to Bad Girlfriend Skate’s and helped me pick my gear, still with the everlasting patience from 3 years ago.on my first day of practice, I was an anxious mess and I sat on the bench in the changing room watching everybody gear up, while I had no clue what I was doing. That was when Pippy, all geared up, glided up to me and asked a beautiful question: “Do you need help with your gear?” 
Now, it’s nearing the end of November and I have my first scrimmage next week. I have my derby name, my number, I’ve met so many amazing people and i haven’t stopped being incredibly excited about roller derby since I realized I could play. I can’t contain my pride to finally be apart of this sport and this community. I am so completely in love with this sport and I can’t imagine parting with it. I owe so much to Pippy, her patience, support and help were so completely necessary to my entire experience with roller derby and I have eternal thanks to her for cheering me on.


Lauren White 2015 Young Woman of Distinction

White Poison White is the best kind of Poison, pure and smooth, you won't even know what hit you! “We are so very thrilled to announce that Wild Rose All Star White Poison, (Lauren White) has been named 2015 Young Woman of Distinction at an awards ceremony last night.

The YWCA Women of Distinction Awards are nationally recognized as one of Canada’s most prestigious awards for women. This event raises essential funds for YWCA Edmonton leadership programs for women and girls.

You can read more HERE

Today’s Edmonton Sun features photos and MORE

Take a look (click line below) at some of the reasons we thought that Lauren should receive this award! 

Lauren White Woman of Distinction

You also may recall that Lauren did a guest post for us recently where she told us how she got involved in Roller Derby and why you should too, you can read it HERE!

We have said it many times and we will continue to say it, the young women that we birth, raise, mentor and lift up can and will change the world!!Lauren

Why Should the adults have all the fun??

socks Ahhh….the age old question,

“Why should the adults have all the fun?”

The answer is they shouldn’t and that is why we have Junior Roller Derby. Youth can be empowered and fabulous and have all the fun that the adults are having!

If you have been thinking about getting involved in roller derby, think no more because the answer is clear. It is a competitive sport, great exercise and loads of fun!!


Take a look as Haleylujah narrates for our league and tells you all the reasons you should come play with us!

We started laughing and talking and from there on, she was my jammer and I was her 4.

Pippy and Morgan Mayhem
Pippy and Morgan Mayhem

Guest Blogger P.OD Pippy (Kristen Antosh)

I joined Roller Derby when I was eleven years old. Instantly, the sport became my favourite activity. I wore my roller skates in the house, running into walls and bumping into appliances. I knew from here on that I would never stop loving the sport. After two years of bumps, bruises and unconditional love for derby, something changed, I began to question my sexual orientation. As a questioning and confused 13 year old, finding out that LGBTQ+ people were highly accepted in this sport came as a huge relief. I remember being at an E-ville game and hearing people talk about a player, and her girlfriend and thinking “She’s gay and they’re okay with it?”. When I finally did come out, my teammates and coaches offered me nothing but unconditional love and support. Along with support and love from coaches and teammates Derby continues to help me with things like my anxiety. Social anxiety has always been a huge problem for me, but I found that in derby, it wasn’t. I started with baby steps, such as asking the more experienced girls for tips. After a short while I began to feel much more comfortable and started having casual conversations with the girls. Before long, I had started making friends. Thanks to Roller Derby, I met one of my best friends, Morgan Mayhem. It all started while doing sprint laps. I had tripped and slid out right in front of her, and she jumped right over me! At our water break I skated over to apologize for almost killing her on her first practice. We started laughing and talking and from there on, she was my jammer and I was her 4.

From Guest Blogger Wild Rose All Star White Poison “You will never, ever, ever play roller derby”

White Poison White is the best kind of Poison, pure and smooth, you won't even know what hit you!
White Poison (Lauren White
Wild Rose All Star

The first time I heard about roller derby was when I was eleven years old. I was reading the Edmonton Journal over my mom’s shoulder when an article about the new Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby Association caught my eye.

“You will never, ever, ever play roller derby,” she told me.
I heard that derby was a full contact sport where girls skated around in circles and tried to knock each other over until there was only one girl left standing. This isn’t true. To play flat- track roller derby, five girls from each team line up on a circular track: four blockers and one jammer. All are wearing a helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads in addition to their quad skates. The jammer lines up behind the blockers. The referee’s whistle sounds and each jammer tries to get through the opposing team’s blockers. The blockers block- obviously! For simplicity, let’s just say that scoring points is basically a jammer getting through the opposing team’s pack. Obviously, the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
There are many more rules and regulations to the game that you can find online:
Yes, like many other sports, there is hitting and contact involved in roller derby. However, before you learn to hit, you learn to skate. And before you learn to skate, you learn to fall. I have never felt unsafe on the track. I understand that every time the whistle blows I could get hurt, just like in soccer or football. That has never stopped me. I love roller derby too much. Of course I have been scared or nervous. But I’ve learned that in order to be fearless you must first be brave- that is, doing something even though you are scared, not having no fear.
Joining GEJRDA when I was thirteen was a great decision. I have done several sports: fencing, diving, track, basketball, badminton, etc. I’ve played soccer for twelve years and counting. However, in the past three years I’ve learned to love roller derby more than any other sport I have tried. Part of this is having amazing couches and volunteers in our non- profit league. Another part is having the most incredible and inspirational teammates at my side. Roller derby is a small sport in Alberta, but we have some big spirit on our team! We are all very close and support each other on and off the track. I’ve made some amazing friends.
Since my mom told me that I will “never, ever, ever play roller derby,” she has been wrong about a lot of other things (I’m always right!). It is annoying when she swears that it will be cold out and makes me bring a jacket to school and it is the one day when I’m boiling to death. Or when she tells me I shouldn’t go outside to longboard because it will rain, and then it is sunny all day. I wish she was right about the weather more often. But, man, am I glad that she was wrong about me not playing roller derby.
The main thing I want people to take from this blog post is that I̶ ̶a̶m̶ ̶r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ ̶1̶0̶0̶%̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶m̶o̶m̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶l̶w̶a̶y̶s̶ ̶w̶r̶o̶n̶g̶.  derby is an amazing sport. You will meet amazing people at games and practices. You’ll be pushed really hard. If you are considering playing with our league, it is worth a try. It might be the best decision you’ve ever made! 🙂
Lauren White


Team Can Try-outs
Black and White Scrimmage Morgan Mayhem (pivot Cover) Rediculous (Jammer) Team Canada try-outs, Edmonton

Dave McQueen was kind enough to send us this sneak peak of yesterdays Team Canada try-outs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I am curious to know if the pictures can begin to tell the amazing stories that unfolded at yesterday’s try-outs…

You can view the rest of the photos HERE

As women we have the difficult task of being responsible for our own empowerment. For centuries we have strived for power in our personal and professional lives and the one thing we have struggled with the most is power over ourselves. So often we allow others to tell us the best way to act, to think, to feel and we unfairly compare ourselves to others instead of embracing our own unique qualities. What I have always loved about Junior Roller Derby is how empowering it is to young women. It allows them to explore sides of themselves that are not often encouraged in other areas of their lives. Instead of being told what is “ladylike” they are able to explore what makes them unique and powerful. They don’t have to be like everyone else, they can just be the best version of themselves. The freedom to explore their own prowess, their mental and physical capabilities as well as their own dynamic skills is in itself a confidence builder. So often in competitive sports elements of our missions become lost in the desire to produce results. Our aims and objectives become blurred. When mentoring talented youth athletes it is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with young ladies that are already facing a great deal of judgments and strife in their adolescent lives and that for most of them sports is an outlet, a place for them to be themselves. Instead of comparing them to their teammates and spotlighting their weaknesses we have a unique opportunity to build them up and encourage all of the things that make them special. I have always been a firm believer that critique works best when spun positively. Realistically, it sounds easier in print then it actually is. As adults we have experienced our own share of life’s hard knocks and putting a positive spin on things doesn’t always come naturally. Yesterday at Edmonton’s Team Canada try-outs a group of teenagers taught me incredible things about the power of positive encouragement. A group of young women competing against each other for a spot representing their country; playing a sport they love, were the number one cheerleaders for the opposition. Their bright lights shone not only on themselves but also on the accomplishments of their fellow skaters. Their joys and their triumphs were shared. I was astounded that a group of young women displayed a level of maturity beyond their years and an energy and character that I am envious of. To feel not only a sense of pride in their own accomplishments but delight in the achievements of their teammates was a very compelling thing to observe. They are the future, and the future of this great sport. I applaud their incredible talent but first and foremost their leadership. These young ladies empower me to be better, more supportive and encouraging to the people in my life. Canada would be lucky to have them as it’s Junior Roller Derby representatives. xo

We ROCK therefore We ROLL